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David Small began his career in ceramics at the age of 16 and has developed his craft, working with many prominent studio potters including Rulofe Ays, Bob Evens and Emmanual Cooper. David started his first studio in 1988 and his current work shop is located near Pencader in Caredigion West Wales.  

A spiritual quest and a passion for the deeper purpose of living have always informed his use of ancient symbolism and colour and are an important aspect of Davids artistic endeavour. The craft skill embodied in his work bring versatility, boldness and strength of form. 

The use of zinc as a flux and opacifier can give dramatic effects as the glaze melts and flows during the last stages of the firing. As the glaze cools the fluid effects are frozen into the surface of the ware and give the appearance of sea surf. Sometimes this effect is further augmented by another glaze being pored over the surface. The overall effects vary according to the exact thickness of the glaze, its place in the kiln, the air pressure that day and many other variables leading to a wide variation in appearance. This together withe the subtle differences inherent in hand made ceramics inbues each peace with a unique quality'

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Selection of Mugs

Selection of Mugs

Salt Pig   £15

Salt Pig £15

Mug £16

Mug £16



Pasta Bowl  £25

Pasta Bowl £25

Medium Jug  £20

Medium Jug £20

Cappuccino Mug  £16

Cappuccino Mug £16

Cup  £15

Cup £15

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