Photography Services



If you have any photographs you need copying and/ or enlarging, I offer a printing and scanning service at the gallery in Saundersfoot.   Either bring your photo in on a usb stick, cd or email your digital image to or bring in your original photo to be scanned.  I can also re-edit and repair photographs that have become damaged, faded or torn.  Please click here to contact me regarding prices for these services.


Restoration of artwork, whether it be a photo or a painting, is always an exciting challenge and gives me a chance to use some of skills I have learnt, (and still learning) over the years as a digital photographer.  You can see below an example of a project completed for a customer who found this chalk and charcoal drawing of their distant relatives  in an attic. The customer was delighted with the finished result and I was able to print and frame the digital version for her to enjoy for many years to come!.  Pop in to see me in the gallery for a quote if you are interested in having any *restoration work undertaken.

*NB. Most restoration work is carried out during the quieter months of the year.  This service requires time which may prove difficult during the gallery's peak summer season (June to September).  Please contact me to check availablility.

restoration 3.jpg

         Original Chalk and Charcoal Drawing

The drawing was badly creased with scratches and fold lines and parts of the canvas paper were missing.


 Using a specific photo scanner, I managed to scan sections of the drawing and converted them to a digital format.

         Finished Picture

 I managed to digitally 'redraw' the missing parts (the top and seat part of the chair and the sleeve of the lady's dress) and repair the scratches and fold lines. 

after restoration.jpg

Pet Portraits

Have your favourite photo of your pet transformed into a digital painting.  Great idea for a gift at Christmas or a special birthday.  Please click here to contact me for more information on this service.

Casper - Sheltie
Taz - Terrier
Mia - Cat Portrait
Maggie - Basset Hound