My New Website!

After deciding to renew my old and rather user 'unfriendly' website last year, I have FINALLY managed to launch my new one. So...

Welcome to my brand new, shiny online gallery! Yay!

YES, it has taken me a year to get it up and running and YES, I am aware that my business has been without an 'online shop' for the past 12 months which, to some ambitious entrepreneurs, would be business suicide! however...

a) I'm not an ambitious entrepreneur

b) I'm crap at technical stuff,

c) I don't make enough money to pay someone to create a bespoke super dooper website for me and lastly

d) I thought I could do it myself... quickly and easily, no problem at all! Yeah RIGHT!

If only things in life panned out in the same way as your brain worked eh?

After researching 'how to create your own website easily' I decided to go with a specific well known site that boasted 'easy to use' templates, just 'drop your images in' where you want them to 'create your own beautifully designed website in a matter of a few clicks'! That sounded pretty straight forward to me... at the time... So, after several months of trying to figure out SEOs, Metatags, Google Ranking and design complications (and wtf are IDEs and DevOps??) not to mention problems with pixels, image resizing, shopping carts, links and paypal, after millions of hours staring at my laptop, hitting the delete button a billions times and shouting swear words that would make the most hardened gangsta blush, I've finally done it! and I must say, I'm pretty pleased with the result. So, I hope you like it and give it a positive review 'cos God knows.... I deserve it! Thanks x

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